PRP-Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy

Growth Factor Concentrate therapy( GFC) is a new treatment launched recently at La Fameux Derma clinic for better treatment of patients with hair loss and to rejuvenate skin. It’s an advanced form of PRP to achieve better results in some cases. This therapy is a step ahead of the normal PRP therapy.

How is GFC therapy different from PRP?

Growth Factor concentrate Therapy is pure, safe and largely concentrated growth factor creation prepared from patients ’ own blood.

  • We give added growth factors along with growth factors extracted from Platelets of Patients Plasma.
  • GFC is pure, fully acellular, autologous and safe.
  • GFC is injected directly into the scalp or skin and your own growth factors are delivered in high concentration.
  • Platelet activating solution is used to activate platelet & to release various GFs from α Granules

Platelets are activated prior to centrifugation( in Vitro)- ensures no platelet loss & all platelets release GFs from α grains

Procedure followed

Step 1 Collection of blood – Patients ’ blood is collected in GFC tubes.

Step 2 Activation of platelet and release of growth factors – Gently the blood is mixed and tubes are allowed to stand for 30 minutes. This activates and releases all growth factors like PDGF, VEGF, EGF & IGF- 1 from α- grains in platelets.

Step 3 Separation of GFC – Centrifugation is done at 3800 rpm for 10 minutes.

Step 4 Collection of GFC– It’s done by inverting the tube. Above 16 ml is collected.

Step 5 Application – GFC collected is now ready to be used in the desired area.

Treatment Protocol

GFC therapy consists of 3 sessions which are done at an interval of one month. One GFC kit is usable for only one sitting of one patient. Advantages of GFC therapy

1) No platelet wastage during the procedure and high concentration of growth factors are extracted.

2) Completely acellular and reduced risk of pain and inflammation.

3) Serum extracted by the procedure has excellent stability for 8 hours at room temperature.

4) Simple procedure with little risk of any complication.

5) No risk of contamination. Indications for the procedure

GFC Mostly Used to Treat

1) Androgenic alopecia : Patients with pattern baldness show excellent results in response to the GFC therapy irrespective of their coitus.

2) Telogen effluvium: Therapy helps in reducing hair fall vastly.

3) Skin Rejuvenation: GFC therapy rejuvenates skin overall by renewing the skin texture and elasticity along with enhanced skin tightening and lightening skin tone.

4) Melasma & Acne scars: The procedure helps in reducing melasma and acne scars with help of skin rejuvenation and proliferation of growth factors in the injected area.